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Sagittarius Love horoscope February 2018

Sagittarius Love horoscope February 2018 Sagittarius Marriage horoscope February 2018

You will get different results in your love and married life as per Vedic astrology in this month. Jupiter is helping you in your love life and placement of love lord Mars also good so you will happy in your love life.

But in your married life things are not looking very good. You and your spouse will have poor relationship or health or professional matters of spouse will keep you worried.

Overall I can say this month will be an average month for married life but good for love and children related matters.

Auspicious time for Love life in February 2018 For SagittariusAuspicious time for Sagittarius for Marriage related matters in February 2018

1, 2, 10, 11, 15.16, 21, 28 February 2018 will be good days for your love relationship. You will get support from your partner.

Tough Time for Sagittarius in love life in February 2018Tough Time for Sagittarius in love life in February 2018

Due to Saturn aspect on the house of marriage I can say this full month will be tough for your married life so you should careful

Remedies for success in love and married life for Sagittarius

As per Vedic astrology you should perform remedies for planet Mars love life and planet Mercury  and Saturn for happy married life.

Sagittarius how can improve love life in February 2018

You should avoid all kind of disputes with your spouse and in-laws for happy married life.

Chances of Divorce, Separation or break up for Sagittarius in February 2018

Poor placement of Saturn can create problem in your married life hence you may face some major problems but in your love life Jupiter will help you and you will able to make good relationship with love one.

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