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Earn Money by Google without investment in 2018

Earn Money by Google without investment in 2018

Google is backbone of internet. Without Google internet is like a body without soul. If you wish to earn money online Google is a most reputed name for you. You can earn money by Google with our without investment, You can work in home or in office.

You can earn money on Google if you are technical or non technical hence if you wish to earn my on Google you can earn money by your basic skill. But before start work you should keep one thing in your mind that these things will take time success will not come over night

, Let us now we will see how can you earn money on Google without investment . If you are a student, housewife or you have some time these options can be helpful for you,

Earn money on Blogger

Blogger is a simple way for earn money by Google. Blogger is part of Google. You can create your blog on blogger free and you can put ads on your blog.

How can create a free blog on blogger

For Blogger you have to create a google account means Gmail . So 1st of all you should crate a free Gmail account then you should login on blogger and you can create you blog.

It will take some time you need some views and some posts on your blog then you can apply for Google Adsense hosted account. When your account will approve you can put ads on your. When your earning will reach 100$ you will get money.

Earn money on YouTube

Youtube is also a free and reliable method of earning in Google. If you love video creating you can create video  and you can upload videos on your Youtube channel.

How can create youtube channel

  1. Create a google account
  2. Sign- in in youtube
  3. Create your channel
  4. Upload videos

Now as per Google policy you need minimum 10000 views on your channel then you can apply for monetization. IF your channel does not violate google policy your channel will approve and you will get advertisement by Google. Google pay by Google Adsense to Youtubers.

There are to more popular method for earn money on Goggle but its take some money.

Earn money by Admob

You can earn money on Admob if you can create mobile applications. Hence you need some technical knowledge,  Here you will have to pay 25$ one time then you can create account in Google play store if you with to upload your apps in Google play store.

Earn money on your blog or website by Google Adsense

This is the best way there you have to some investment for your website or blog for hosting and domain name but here you can apply Google Adsense immediately,  You need some pages your website or blog should not under construction so you should put some post in your blog then you should apply mainly you need few pages  like home page, about us page, privacy policy page and contact us and 10-12 post then you should apply for your blog and in website you should create good website then you should apply.

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