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Before start the decision on Forex marketing I wish to tell if you are new trader or you wish to earn money on Forex first of all you should learn FOREX market. You should open a practice account or demo account when you will be learn about Forex Market then you should invest your money . You can open free Demo account here. Click here and open your free Demo account

What is the FOREX?

In the world every country has own currency, FOREX is a market where we can buy and sell international currencies.

Full form of FOREX

FOREX is made by to words FOR and EX. FOR indicates foreign and EX indicates exchange hence a market where we can buy and sell international currencies is known as FOREX.

How can we start FOREX TRADING?

If you wish to start FOREX TRADING first of all you will have to find a reputed broker who will be trusted and give you good support. Check the reputed broker site

After that you should Open Demo account and you should learn trading by practice

After that you should invest some money and start trading

Where can I trade forex?

After deposit of your primary investment you have to follow these steps

  • Choose a currency pair ( USD and EURO).  Which currency pair you wish to trade. …
  • Decide on the type of FX trade.
  • There are 3 ways to trade forex with City Index Spread Betting, CFD or Forex Trading.
  • Decide to sell or buy
  • orders.
  • Monitor and close your trade. …
  • Closing your trade.

How much I can earn in FOREX Trading?

There are many successful traders in FOREX Trading. They are earning lots of money but you need to learn and favour of luck also. You should learn these first by free Demo account. You should open your free Demo account first because FOREX Trading Is risky investment.

How much investment required for FOREX Trading?

That will depend on broker to broker in some broker you can start trading in just 10$ and in some in 50$ and in some  100$. Some also take minimum deposit of 500$ so you should choose broker as per your budget.

Start FOREX TRADING in just $10 click here for more information and support

If you are in new FOREX TRADING you should have some questions in your mind. Read the following answers these will helpful for you.

Is FOREX TRADING is legal?

Basically this is a legit work. FOREX TRADING is legal however you should check your countries law.

FOREX trading is real or Scam?

FOREX trading is not a scam this   is a legitimate endeavour. However some cheating is possible if you will trade with wrong worker and some people also did SCAM on the name of FOREX. So  you should trade with only reputed broker site you can see reputed broker here.

Is the FOREX market is safe trade?

Answer of this question is NO. FOREX trading is only for those love risk. FOREX trading can give us huge profit in short term but it can also give us huge lose is short term. Hence FOREX trading work on high risk and high return principle. So you are advised that you should take calculative risk only.

I hope you liked this Article and give you some information about FOREX TRADING If you have any question kindly comment in the comment section and if you like Start treading you can start here




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