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Create a free blog | List of websites for creates a free blog

Create a free blog | List of websites for creates a free blog

If you are looking for a free blog and you don’t know where you can create a free blog this is a helpful article for you.

In this articles we will discuss on ten best free website where you can create your free blog today.

But you should keep in your mind that if you will create a free blog this will be one kind of sub domain not your pure blog on your name. If you will buy domain and hosting that will be on your blog name.

For example  if I wish to create new blog name of Gyanlaxminew. If I will  buy domain and hosting I can keep it name gyanlaxminew.com or gyanlaxminew.us, or gyanlaxminew.uk or gyanlaxminew.in etc but If I will create a free blog I  will get name gyanlaxminew.wordpress.com or gyanlaxmi.blogpost.com or gyanlaxminew.wix.com etc.

If you are new and you don’t familiar with technical words of information technology and you don’t know what domain name is and what is the hosting so I am clearing these points for you.

What is domain name in website?

There is a very simple answer domain name is the name of website like our domain name is www.gyanlaxmi.com

Now there is the second question what is the web hosting or website hosting?

If you will buy only domain name and you will have not hosting of site your website will not live means without webhosting you can’t put your website into  internet. In simple words if you will not buy web hosting your website will not open on internet.

There is one more important things of domain name and web hosting that you can buy webhosting and domain name for a time like one year, two year, five year etc and when your time will expaire you will have to renew you website and domain of the website. Hence you will have to spend money every year on your website and hosting for keep live and if you will not renew your domain name and hosting it will expire.

That is the reason that some people like free blog in this way they will able to save his money.

Benefits of free blog

Free blogs save expense of domain name and hosting charges every year.

Easy to design because there will be some simple templates and design

Safety is the most important part of the free blog. If you will buy hosting and domain name you have to secure your blog from hackers but if you will make a free blog this will be a sub domain and where you will create a you free blog this will be highly secure server.

This is the list of ten websites where you can create a free blog.

1 Blogger.com

  1. WordPress.com
  2. wix.com
  3. livejournal.com
  4. weebly.com
  5. tumble.com
  6. blog.com
  7. chost.com
  8. ghost.org
  9. Penzu

If you wish to earn money on your blog free blogs will also provide you some options of monetize your blog.


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