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Earn money online

Earn money online

If you wish to earn money online and you are looking for online earning this article can helpful for you. In this article we will discuss how can we earn money online? There are many ways and websites where we can earn money online. Here is the ten best and genuine way of earning online

  1. Earn money by Blogging
  2. Earn money by own website
  3. Upload video and earn money
  4. Earn money by Affiliate marketing
  5. Earn money by Freelance job
  6. Earn money by PTC sites
  7. Earn money by buy and sell domain
  8. Earn money by eBook
  9. Earn money by Online treading
  10. Earn money by Capta typing?

How can earn money by blogging?

Blogging is the best option for you if you wish to earn money online. You can create two kind of blog. One is free and second is paid. You can create a free blog on few popular websites like blooger.com, wordpress.com free or you can take own hosting and domain name it will take some minor investment. Like 50 to 100$ year. You can create blog any subject which you like. You can monetize your blog by Google adsense, bing ads or you have many others ad provider companies.

How can earn money on website?

There is some difference between blog and website. Blog provide only information and website you can sale on product and services also. You can also use all method of monetization same as blog.

How can earn money by video uploading?

If you can crate video on any subjects then this is also a very good option for you. You can create video and you can upload videos on youtube, dailymotion etc and you will get a part of revenue or advertisement.

How can earn money by Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is highest paying option for us.  You need a blog or websites for affiliate marketing. You can resister as a publisher and put ads one your website/blog. You will get money in every sale. Some affiliate programs you cans sign up without website also.

How can earn money by freelance job

Freelance job is also a good option for you. You can resister in online portal like freelancer.com, upwork etc and you can bid for work as per your interest. If you will get project you will get money,

How can earn money by PTC sites

PTC sites are also a suitable option for you. Here you will have to see some ads, refer people and you can earn money but it will take time.

How can earn money by buy and sell domain

You can buy domain name and you can sale however it will take some money and you need favour of luck also.

How can earn money by Earn money by eBook

Ebook is also a good option for you if you are a knowledgeable person.

How can earn money by online trading

Online treading is also a very good option for you but you should check all market risk. You should learn market trend first. You can earn money by many kind of online trading. Like share trading, FOREX commodity etc. FOREX can give you big money or big loss. If you like take risk of small amount you should learn forex tading first. You can open free Demo account and learn how can trad free here.    

Learn what are the biHow can earn money by Capta typing?

If you have good typing speed you can earn money by typing capta there also some genuine sites those paid us on time but there is accuracy is important. You can earn few dollars daily. This is a micro job.


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